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Trevor Nickolls

Hippy Picnic - 2006

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
84.0 x 56.0 cm
Price Realised: $6,100.00

MP #788


Estate of the Artist, SA

A solid grounding in the theory of Western art put Trevor Nickolls in a unique position when, towards the end of his post-graduate degree, he had a chance encounter  with Papunya artist Dinny Nolan. The meeting left him feeling that it could be possible to synthesise an art style from techniques gleaned from both traditional Aboriginal and Western culture. His appointment as an education officer the following year allowed Nickolls to travel, meeting artists and elders throughout Arnhem Land and seeing traditional rock paintings in situ. 


This painting reflects an idyllically happy and peaceful scene referring back to life in the 1970s, hence the title “Hippy Picnic”. It reflects the early days of Trevor Nickoll’s art career, when he went on picnics where he would also sketch. The Holden he owned in the early 1970s is in the background. He has placed some of his regular iconic imagery into the painting, including the dilly bag, goanna, butterfly, the personified tree with uplifted arms, and the doves which he used as symbols of peace. The artwork is richly painted with layers of paint and intricate textures.