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Dorothy Robinson Napangardi

Mina Mina - 2006

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
167.0 x 181.0 cm
Price Realised: $28,060.00

MP #795


Ngintaka Arts, NT
Private Collection, NSW

accompanied by images of the artist creating the artwork


Black & White, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art Melbourne, May 2009
Black & White, NG Art Gallery Sydney, December 2008

Dorothy Napangardi began creating works tracing the grid-like patterns of the salt encrustations on the Mina Mina clay pans in 1997, marking a significant artistic shift in her work. Over the following three-year period, her paintings became less and less contrived and increasingly spare, all detail pared back to the barest essentials. These new works compelled the spectators eye to dance across the painted surface, just as the Karntakulangu ancestral women danced in their hundreds across the country during the region's creation.


As these works developed, Dorothy’s extraordinary spatial ability enabled her to create mimetic grids and lines of white dots (on a black ground) or black dots (on a white ground, such as in this lovely work), tracing the travels of her female ancestors as they danced their way, in joyous exultation, through the saltpans, Spinifex, and sand hills, clutching their digging sticks in outstretched hands.

Kathleen Petyarre has been quoted as saying 'those Walpiri ladies, they’re mad about dancing, they go round and round and round dancing, they’re always dancing'. Little wonder that the surfaces of Dorothy’s canvases become dense rhythms of lines and grids, as she mapped the paths of these dancing women at various locations throughout Mina Mina.