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Paddy Sims Tjapaltjarri

Marla Jukurrpa (Rock Wallaby Dreaming) - 2006

synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen
121.0 x 106.0 cm
Price Realised: $3,904.00

MP #796


Warlukurlangu Artists, NT Cat. No. 1144/06
Cooee Art Gallery, NSW Cat. No. 3172
Adrian and Anne Newstead Collection, NSW


accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Warlukurlangu Artists

Paddy Japaljarri Sims was born in about 1917 at Kunajarray (Mt Nicker), south-west of Yuendumu at a site where a number of Dreaming tracks interconnect.


He began painting in the early 1980s while  passing on his knowledge to many of the young men at the Yuendumu school.

In 1989 he travelled to Paris with five other Warlpiri men from Yuendumu to create a ground painting installation at the exhibition ‘Magiciens de la Terre’ at the Centre Georges Pompidou. The painting was received with world-wide acclaim.

In this work Paddy painted a Jukurrpa (Dreaming) of marla (rock wallaby) who came from Mowrungu, south-west of Yuendumu, and travelled north past Yinjirrimardi and Chilla Well and moving on north. The marla are represented by the tracks they leave in the sand. Concentric circles show the water holes the marla stopped at, and wavy lines depict the journey they made.

From the moment he began painting Paddy Sims’ was revered as one of the greatest of all Warlpiri male artists. His paintings were included in numerous landmark exhibitions.  Amongst them was Dreaming: The Art of Aboriginal Australia, The Asia Society Galleries, New York, 1988; The Continuing Tradition, Australian National Gallery, Canberra, 1989; and Mythscapes: Aboriginal Art of the Desert, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 1989.