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Kaapa Mbitjana Tjampitjinpa

Rainbow Storm Dreaming - 1971

poster paint with PVA glue on composition board
47.0 x 65.0 cm
Price Realised: $12,000.00

LOT #38


Created in Papunya, NT 1971
Private Collection, Qld


Accompanied by a positive assessment of authentication prepared by Antiquities Conservation P/L following detailed examination and analysis.


Cf. for an almost identical work created at the same time see Rainbow Storm Dreaming Version 1, in Geoffrey Bardon and James Bardon Papunya, A Place Made After the Story, The Beginings of the Western Desert Painting Movement, The Miegunyah Press, Melbourne, 2004, p199

According to Geoffrey Bardon, this paintings on canvas is an interesting formalisation of the component elements of the Water Dreaming that include men in caves, rain, clouds, rainbow, running water, waterholes and underground water. Kaapa persistently integrated body decoration motifs of the Ceremonial Man into his paintings on canvass on hardboard.


The undulating lines represent falling rain, the two U shapes the Water Dreaming Ceremonial Men sitting at the Dreaming site, Mikanji, near Mount Dennison, which is shown by the large concentric oval with radiating lines. The other ovals and concentric circles represent waterholes and are associated with both sand paintings on canvas and body decoration. The intensive overall patterning and waves show the heavy rain that splashes onto the sand and flows across the land surface into rivers that will run further into the desert, to soak underground. The two Water Ceremonial Men have power and custody of these rockholes and the underground water that is found by digging; the dark spiralling line across the centre of the paintings on canvas is the rainbow after the storm.