EAboriginal Benefits Foundation - Fundraising Art Auction

13th November 2011
From: 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Location: Stills Gallery
Address: 36 Gosbell Street, Paddington, Sydney

Aboriginal Benefits Foundation - Fundraising Art Auction

To aid Warmun Flood Damage & Cape York Indigenous Education

Sunday 13th November 2011 From 2–4 pm

Entertainment by dancers from NAISDA Dance Collage (National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Association)
Location - STILLS GALLERY - 36 Gosbell Street, Paddington, Sydney
Tax deductible donation at the door

View the auction catalogue and absentee bidding form here

Warmun Art Centre Flood Damage
On Sunday 13 November, the Aboriginal Benefits Foundation is holding an auction of works by major artists from the Warmun Art Centre, WA, as well as by other Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists. Proceeds will be used to restore the flood-damaged Warmun Art Centre and for the ABF to continue to provide support to Aboriginal communities across Australia.

The Art Centre at Warmun became an internationally known hub for the beginnings of the east Kimberley painting movement.  Paddy Jaminji, Rover Thomas, Jack Britten, Henry Wambini, Hector Jandany, George Mung and Queenie McKenzie all painted at Warmun (Turkey Creek). A new facility was built alongside the old historic art centre after 2000. Following devastating rains in March 2011, Turkey Creek rose rapidly inundating the community nestled on its banks. All of the houses and building were flooded and destroyed. The community was declared a natural disaster zone and nearly everyone was airlifted from their homes to Kununurra 200 km away. The Warmun Art Centre also accommodated a Keeping Place for its Historic Art Collection. The waters indiscriminately washed away paintings and did irreparable damage to the buildings. Currently a conservation program is being developed for the Historic collection through the University of Melbourne, but the community and Art Centre remains in dire need of further financial assistance to purchase equipment and materials and provide painters with.  THIS IS SYDNEYS CHANCE TO HELP!

Cape York Educational /Training Bursary
The renowned Queensland Indigenous Artist  Dr “Tapich” Gloria Fletcher left a legacy to set up a bursary fund allowing for Western Cape York Indigenous students to receive further education or training outside their communities. The ABF is supporting this aim. The Queensland Minister for the Arts has promised $ for $ backing for the funds raised for this initiative this year. Several artists have donated work to assist and these will be offered for sale, including Ray Crooke, Arone Meeks, and the Torres Strait Islands printers. Sculptures by the late great artist Gloria Fletcher will also be offered. (Tribal Name of deceased is not spoken at present but referred to as Tapich.)

The Aboriginal Benefits Foundation
The Aboriginal Benefits Foundation (ABF) works to benefit the welfare of Aboriginal communities throughout Australia and the members of these communities. The Foundation has a particular focus on supporting, health, education and cultural projects to assist the youth, the aged and those who suffer from infirmity, disability, poverty or other disadvantageous social or economic circumstances. Board of Directors: Philip Cox AO, Pat Corrigan AM, Shane Simpson AM, Simon Chan, Christopher Chow, Robert Edwards AO, Jennifer Isaacs AM, Adrian Newstead, and Robert Simkin.  - www.aboriginal.org.au

Rocky Bar (Warlawoon Country)  by Rammey Ramsey
Rocky Bar (Warlawoon Country)
Rammey Ramsey 1

80.0 x 100.0 cm

Rocky Bar (Warlawoon Country) by Rammey Ramsey
Rocky Bar (Warlawoon Country)
Rammey Ramsey 1

80 x 120 cm

The legends of Albatross Bay ( Weipa Story) by Gloria Fletcher Thancoupie
The legends of Albatross Bay ( Weipa Story)
Gloria Fletcher Thancoupie

35.0 x 29.0 cm

Kambel the crocodile and Pa’u the blue tongue lizard exchanging teeth by Gloria Fletcher Thancoupie
Kambel the crocodile and Pa’u the blue tongue lizard exchanging teeth
Gloria Fletcher Thancoupie

31 x 30 cm