ESpinifex: People of the Sun and Shadow

24th August to 12th October 2012
Location: John Curtin Gallery
Address: Building 200A (opposite Cafe & Bookshop), Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley WA

Forced to leave their ancestral lands in the wake of the 1950’s British atomic testing program and years of catastrophic drought, the Spinifex People’s story is one of resilience and determination. Upon their return some 30 years later, the Spinifex People sought to demonstrate their rightful ownership of Country through their pioneering native title claim.

In 1997, the Spinifex Arts Project was established as part of this process, and to this day, continues to celebrate the Spinifex People’s enduring culture and connection to country. This survey of paintings from the Spinifex Arts Project includes the original native title paintings, which together with outstanding work produced over the past 15 years provides a unique glimpse into the culture of the Spinifex People.

Presented by the John Curtin Gallery, the Spinifex Arts Project, The Lepley Collection and the Western Australian Museum.

Ross Chadwick, Curator, Anthropology and Archaeology,
Western Australian Museum
John Cruthers, Curator, The Lepley Collection
Carly Lane, Exhibitions Curator, The Lepley Collection