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Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford

Paddy Bedford was an old Kimberley stockman who gained renown for having distilled Gidja oral accounts of traumatic encounters with white settlers into unique artworks.

He was born at Bedford Downs Station in the East Kimberley c.1922, and it was not until he was in his mid 70s that a dealer happened to chance upon some of his first meagre attempts at painting on construction board in a rubbish tip. He began painting formally shortly thereafter, in 1997. Jirrawun Aboriginal Arts provided individual support and promotion of his work and organised numerous shows in which Bedford starred during his lifetime. These included Blood on the Spinifex at the National Gallery of Victoria and True Stories at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Painting in a recognisable East Kimberley style, Bedford masterfully combined important ancestral Dreamings with depictions of his environment and contemporary historical events. He became renowned for paintings with simple expanses of flat ochre applied to create masterful luminous textured surfaces.

Paddy Bedford painted on paper with gouache after 2000; and in 2005, worked with master printmaker Leon Stainer at Northern Editions to create an important body of etchings. These intimate works depicting important sites in his country proved just as successful as his works in ochre.

A uniquely talented artist, Paddy Bedford was amongst the few selected to contribute to the permanent installation at the Musee du Quai Branly in Paris. He was honoured during his lifetime, with the unprecedented recognition of a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney which toured nationally. A major catalogue of this exhibition was published in during 2007.

Coo-ee has secured just one copy of each of these 5 very special etchings.
They will be sold during the next 24 hours to those collector(s) quick enough to secure them

Price: $3,600 each (including free delivery anywhere within Australia)

Detailed documentation and stories for each artwork are available upon request

Published by Jirrawun Arts
Master Printmaker Leon Stainer
Printed by Dian Darmansjah
Northern Editions, Charles Darwin University
CooeeArt, Sydney, NSW

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Thoonbi Gorge - Ord River by Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford
Thoonbi Gorge - Ord River
Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford 2

80 x 60 cm

Janderrji   13/50 by Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford
Janderrji 13/50 - 2005
Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford 2

49 x 49 cm, paper si

Jamilayigoon (Figtree Hole) by Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford
Jamilayigoon (Figtree Hole) - 2005
Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford 2

60 x 80 cm

Merrewoon (Fish Hole)    13/50 by Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford
Merrewoon (Fish Hole) 13/50 - 2005
Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford 2

49 x 49 cm, paper si
#14902 LOCATION: Paddington

Yoowangeny (Mud Spring) by Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford
Yoowangeny (Mud Spring)
Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford 2

80 x 60 cm