Big Dreams by Shane Smithers Opening Saturday

Join us to welcome the artist this Saturday from 3 till 6pm


Wiari - Shane Smithers
122.0 x 92.0 cm

Sky and Lore over Earth #2 - Shane Smithers
51.0 x 61.0 cm


Wiari by Shane Smithers
Wiari - 2017
Shane Smithers 3

122 x 92 cm

Sky and Lore over Earth #2 by Shane Smithers
Sky and Lore over Earth #2 - 2016
Shane Smithers 3

51 x 61 cm

The Teachers by Shane Smithers
The Teachers - 2015
Shane Smithers 3

198 x 101 cm

Big Dreams by Shane Smithers

Dr Shane Smithers is a Darug man of the Burraberongal clan. His traditional country extends along the Hawkesbury River to the top of the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Shane is an artist, writer and academic and has a PhD in Philosophy focussing on the nature of ideas and ideologies in human and non-human systems. The patterns and figures used throughout his art are traditional to NSW and more specifically to Darug culture. In his hands, ancient Darug symbols are used in a contemporary way to tell both ancient and modern stories. The most significant and profound of these are associated with Wiari, Mother of All or Mother Earth, and Biari, Father of All or Father Sky, and how they came together to produce all life. The exhibition, Big Dreams, showcases a number of aspects of that seminal creation story.