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Kaapa Tjampitjinpa – The Founding Father of the Western Desert painting movement.

‘Around his genius the Papunya group was built and the Western Desert Painting Movement was born. He was a proud, classically purposeful artist, possessing images and knowledge that would have him recognised as an authority of the greatest importance concerning Western Desert iconography’

Geoffrey Bardon

Tjampitjinpa Kaapa Mbitjana ca. 1920–1989

Goanna Dreaming, 1973

Synthetic polymer paint on composition board

79 x 61 cm

Est: $15,000-20,000

In this work of Anmatjerre Arrente heraldry, symmetrical motifs and radiating, sinuous lines represent water courses and the journey of  goanna ancestors as well as sit down places where men are seated during ceremony. The artist has used traditional earth colours to depict the sites and journeys of ancestral beings and the enactment of the ceremony pertaining to them.



Painted at Papunya, Northern Territory

Private Collection, NT

Important Aboriginal Art, Sotheby's, Melbourne, 29 June 1998, lot 322

Private Collection, New South Wales

Joel Fine Art, Melbourne, 3 June 2008, lot 163, illustrated

Private Collection, South Australia



Songlines and Dreamings, Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Painting, Patrick Corbally-Stourton, Lund Humphries Publishers Ltd, London,1996, pp.88-89, pl.86


What makes Aboriginal Art so Special?

Interest in the visual arts all around the world has exploded over the past 20 years. There are more people collecting art now than at any other period in history, and they are collecting from a wider spectrum of artists and mediums.[1]

Twenty years ago the number of people who went to galleries or auctions and purchased works of art was very small, and, on average, these people spent a lot of money on what they bought e.g. $20,000-50,000. In the last decade the number of people collecting art has grown though, on average, they are spending less.[2]

According to art market analyst Michael Reid the fiscally mature generation X ‘are the most visually literate generation to walk the planet’ to date.

Interest in Aboriginal art has increased partially because of this, however, there are two important additional reasons behind its success.  

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