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Staff Favourites - Ksenia Radchenko

Ksenia Radchenko Auction Administrator

Working in the auction department at Cooee Art Leven provides me with the incredible opportunity to be the first to encounter an array of breathtaking secondary market consignments. I recall a particular moment when I sat on the floor surrounded by the auction works that we just finished hanging. In that serene moment, I couldn't help but feel a profound gratitude for being immersed in such extraordinary beauty. Another aspect that I deeply cherish about my job is the passionate and talented people who share a deep appreciation for the community and creativity.

Tommy Yannima Watson Iyarrka, 2013 synthetic polymer paint on Belgian Linen 151.4 x 181 cm $65,000 Tommy Watson’s artworks posses a truly magical vibe that captivates viewers. When I started working at Cooee Art Leven, this strikingly large red, burgundy, pink and blue artwork adorned the office. I vividly recall the overwhelming energy emanating from this piece, as if it breathed life into the space.

Queenie McKenzie Nakarra Archbishop Jobst Visiting Blackfellas Camp (...), 1995 felt tipped pen on paper 35 x 50 cm $2,000 Unframed | $2,300 Framed Queenie McKenzie's series of drawings is my personal favourite. Her candid portrayal of life and the convergence of two distinct cultural realms—indigenous cultural traditions and Christianity—is nothing short of captivating. The playful representation of the archbishop and the dogs adds a delightful touch of charm and humour to her work. It invites viewers to appreciate the boundless creativity that defines Queenie's art.

Kuntjill Cooper Irrunytju (Rockhole), 2007 81 x 130 cm Synthetic Polymer Paint on Belgian Linen $3,500 The interplay of black and warm earthy hues in this artwork creates dynamic contrasts that captivates me. The blue ribbon of the water passage becomes a focal point. The painting seemingly eradicates the energy of the land. It's a truly wonderful painting that beckons one into its narrative.


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