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Thank you to everyone who visited us at Sydney Contemporary!

Our booth was furnished by our neighbours at Anibou. If you missed us at the fair, a selection of works is still available, matched here with a few elegant pieces generously loaned to us by Anibou.

Konstantina (Kate Constantine) Region: Gadi/Eora Language: Gadigal Tarra, 2023

Konstantina (Kate Constantine)

Region: Gadi/Eora

Language: Gadigal

Tarra, 2023

acrylic on linen, 101 x 101 cm 20621


Direct from artist, NSWCooee Art Leven, Sydney NSW


As a saltwater woman, the place I feel most connected to on my Country is the water, specifically the Harbour. Arguably the place for me that has the most powerful engery is Tarra. Tarra is the point today known as Dawes Point, named for the gentle and kind Lieutenant Commander and Offical Astronomer in the First Fleet. He was stationed here for years, at what was considered, the outer most limit of occupation so that he could work through his telescopes without the obstruction of light from the camp. The young man befriended Patyegarang a young Gadigal woman with whom he had a close connection. It is because of this friendship that I today have been able to learn my traditional language which was long thought extinct! See Dawes and Patyegarang shared more than friendship, they shared language, and it is the small notebooks and journals that Dawes kept of this time that Professor Jaky Troy at USYD has been able breathe life back into our original Gadigal language. Visit Tarra, you will her energy and understand entirely.

Simon, Kitty Napanangka

Region: Lajamanu, NT

Language: Warlpiri

Mina Mina Jukurrpa (Mina Mina Dreaming) 2023

acrylic on linen, 85 x 50 cm


Warnayaka Art, NT Cat No. 707-23 Cooee Art Leven, Sydney NSW


Mina Mina is near Lake Mackay. It's main dreaming story is the karrpanu, the digging stick, famously recorded in the Kanakurlangu clan group dreaming songline. Warlpiri call that songline, yupunju. The women travelled eastward into Anmatyerre tribe lands in the Jukurrpa, by being, the sky and earth, night and day women created or gave birth to almost everything bringing them into existence. From raining clouds, waterholes, waterways, everything was danced and sung into existence. Then everything was left to be dug up with the karrpanu so one could feed on the knowledge about everything within the Warlpiri homelands. The ultimate karrpanu is the pointer stars near the Southern Cross stars. When the pointer star touches down in the horizon then the Warlpiri learning cycle begins again.

Thomas, Rover Joolama Region: Kimberley, WA Language: Kukatja Untitled, 1993

Thomas, Rover Joolama

Region: Kimberley, WA

Language: Kukatja

Untitled, 1993

natural earth pigments on canvas, 90 x 120 cm 20666


Waringarri, Aboriginal Arts, WA Cat No. AP 3746 Private Collection, Vic Cooee Art Leven, Sydney NSW Accompanied by a faxed copy of the original certificate of authenticity


Rover Thomas lived a traditional bush life with his family at Well 33 until he moved, at 10 years of age, with his family to Billiluna Station, where he was initiated, after his mother's death. After working for a period as a jackeroo on the Canning Stock Route he became a fencing contractor in Wyndham and later worked as a stockman in the Northern Territory and the fringes of the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts. In his later years, he settled and began painting in the Warmun community at Turkey Creek.While Rover's artworks can generally be characterised as map-like depictions of country executed with natural earth pigments in a graphic Kimberley style, they generally carry historic and social connotations.


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