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Fred Tjakamarra

Fred Tjakamarra

1926 - 2006

Born in c1926, Fred Tjakamarra started painting in the mid 1980s, producing a large body of paintings and prints for Warlayirti Artists in Balgo Hills. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 80.   Collections:     Aboriginal Art Museum, The Netherlands.  Berndt Museum of Anthropology, University of Western Australia.  John Curtin Art Collection, Curtin University.  Kluge Ruhe Collection, USA.  Laverty Collection.  The Kelton Foundation, Santa Monica, USA.  University of Western Australia. Group Exhibitions:  2014 - Balgo: Past and Present, featuring Bai Bai Napangarti , Brian Mudgedell , Christine Yukenbarri , Donkeyman Lee Tjupurrula , Dulcie Nanala , Elizabeth Gordon , Elizabeth Nyumi , Eubena Nampitjin , Eva Joan Nagomara , Francis Ann Nowee , Fred Tjakamarra , Garaldine Nowee , Geraldine Nowee , Graham Gordon , Helicopter , Jane Gimme , Jimmy Njamme , John Lee Tjakamarra , Johnny Gordon Downs , Kathleen Padoon , Lady Gordon , Lucy Yukenbarri , Mick Gill , Millie Nampijin Skeen , Miriam Baadjo , Nancy Naninyurra , Nora Wompi , Rosie Nanyuma , Suzie Bootja Bootja , Theresa Nowee , Willy Billabong , Yukenbarri Imelda Gugaman , at Coo-ee Art Gallery, Sydney.  2006 - Warlayirti Suite, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne; All about art, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne  2005 - Chefs d'Oeuvre - Maitres du Desert, Galerie DAD, Mantes-la-Jolie, France; Balgo 2005, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne.  2004 - EXPLAINED, A closer look at Aboriginal art, Aboriginal Art Museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands.  2003 - Christmas Gift Exhibition, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne.  2002 - An Artists Survey, Balgo Hills, at Hogarth Galleries, Paddington.  2001 - Salon ART PARIS, Arts d'Australie, Stéphane Jacob / Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.  1999 - Australie – Art, Arts d'Australie, Stéphane Jacob / J.L. Amsler - Bastille, Paris.  1997 - L’Art des Aborigènes d’Australie, Arts d'Australie, Stéphane Jacob / Galerie de Stassart, Bruxelles; L’Art des Aborigènes d’Australie, Arts d'Australie, Stéphane Jacob / Espace Paul Riquet, Béziers.  1994, The Eleventh National Aboriginal Art Award Exhibition, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin.  1990, Aboriginal Art Exhibition, Dreamtime Gallery, Broadbeach, Qld.; 1990, Paintings from Kukatja Country, Deutcher Gallery, Melbourne;  1989, Warlayirti Artists, Birukmarri Gallery, Freemantle, WA.

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