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Legals at Cooee Art Leven

Welcome to the Legals section of Coo-ee Art Pty Ltd/ trading as Cooee Art Leven, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our visitors to our website and subscribers to our newsletter. Here you will find information about how we treat data that we collect from visitors to our website, or when someone subscribes to our newsletter.

PRIVACY POLICY: This section elaborates on how Cooee Art Leven collects, stores, and uses the personal data that you provide to us. Read about our commitments to your privacy and understand our data practices in full detail.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This is where we outline the terms under which you are allowed to use our website, and how we'll treat your account while you're a member. It includes information on account management, payment policies, shipping and delivery options, and more.

GALLERY RETURN AND REFUND POLICY: We understand that purchasing art online is a significant decision, and sometimes things may not be as you expect. Our return and refund policy provides you with options for managing these situations.

SHIPPING POLICY: Understand how we handle shipping and delivery of the unique pieces of art you purchase from our gallery. We provide you with approximate costs and encourage you to get a detailed quote for individual artworks.

AUCTION SELLING POLICY: These conditions are the basis of Cooee Art Leven’s agreement with the Seller at Auction. It includes important Definitions and information relevant to all parties in relation to any Sale. 

AUCTION BUYERS AGREEMENT: These conditions are intended for any person/persons who may be interested in a Lot in our auctions, including registered Bidders and potential Bidders (including any eventual Buyer of the Lot).

COOKIE POLICY: Learn about how we use cookies on our website. The cookie policy provides detailed information about how and why we use these handy little files to improve your experience on our site.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your privacy, our terms and conditions, returns and refunds, shipping, or our use of cookies. We're always here to help and make your experience with Cooee Art Leven enjoyable and trustworthy.

Contact us at or call us at +61 (02) 9300 9233.

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