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Welcoming Our Newest Team Member.

Everett Leven Sterneborg, 9.8.2023

With both of his parents working in the industry, (gallery owner Mirri Leven and Sam Sterneborg) Everett has been around art ever since he was born.

He loves farm animals and high contrast black and white paintings.

The first ever artwork to join his collection is by Cooee Art Leven favourite Conway Ginger.

Thank you Emma and Hayley and thank you to Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists!

Couldn’t be happier to have you with us, Everett!.


CONWAY GINGER BULLDOG AND WEST COAST, 2020 21 x 29.5 cm Watercolour and Pen on Paper $330 REGION Docker River, NT

Conway Ginger hails from Docker River and moved to Alice Springs in 2004. He is an active young man, who is a passionate football supporter, music lover and an eager artist. Conway’s wonderful sense of humour is evident within his artwork, fresh and vivid lines communicate his passions and inspirations that are drawn from everyday life. Showing great confidence with ink and wash, Conway’s work continues to flourish and expand with every brushstroke. It is an exciting time for Conway as an emerging artist, whose expanding body of work progresses through new techniques and artistic mediums such as watercolours, fabric, textiles and print-making.



MOTOR BIKE, 2016 17 x 23.5 cm Watercolour and Pen on Paper



Docker River, NT


KITTY NAPANANGKA SIMON MINA MINA JUKURRPA (MINA MINA DREAMING), 2023 30 x 80 cm Synthetic Polymer Paint on Belgian Linen $2,000 REGION Lajamanu, NT

Mina Mina is near Lake Mackay. It's main dreaming story is the karrpanu, the digging stick, famously recorded in the Kanakurlangu clan group dreaming songline. Warlpiri call that songline, yupunju. The women travelled eastward into Anmatyerre tribe lands in the Jukurrpa, by being, the sky and earth, night and day women created or gave birth to almost everything bringing them into existence. From raining clouds, waterholes, waterways, everything was danced and sung into existence. Then everything was left to be dug up with the karrpanu so one could feed on the knowledge about everything within the Warlpiri homelands. The ultimate karrpanu is the pointer stars near the Southern Cross stars. When the pointer star touches down in the horizon then the Warlpiri learning cycle begins again.


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