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Maringka Baker



Maringka Baker


Born in c1952, Maringka Baker left her birthplace of Kaliumpil Rockhole after her parents died when she was a young girl. She grew up with extended family and went to primary school at Warburton (WA) and high school at Ernabella (SA). Her work is held by state and national across across Australia and abroad.  COLLECTIONS National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. South Australian Art Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia Marshall Collection, Adelaide, South Australia Lagerberg-Swift Collection, Perth, Western Australia Araluen Collection, Alice Springs, Northern Territory Harriett & Richard England Collection Artbank, Australian Government National Contemporary Art Rental. Levi & Kaplan Collection, Seattle, USA Australian National University, Canberra ACT University of Canberra, ACT  GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2011 'Tjungu Palya 2011' Short St Gallery, Broome WA  2011 'Western APY Lands' ArtKelch, Freiburg, Germany 2011 'TJungu Palya- Masterpieces' Chapman Gallery, Canberra ACT 2011 'Ngura Tjukuritja - A Dreaming Place, Marshall Arts, Adelaide SA 2011 'Intangibles in Terra Australis' FLinders University City Gallery, State Library of SA, Adelaide. 2011 'Green' Outstation Gallery, Darwin, Northern Territory. 2010 'Melbourne Art Fair' Aboriginal & Pacific Arts, Melbourne, Victoria 2010 ' Intangibles in Terra Australis' Sala kubo-kutxa in association with Marshall Arts, San Sebastian, Spain 2010 'Etched in the Sun-Prints by Indigenous Australians with Basil Hall Editions, Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA 2010 'Partnerships' Marshall Arts, Adelaide, SA 2010 'Tjukurpa Pulkatjara; the power of the law' South Australian Museum, Adelaide, SA 2010 'Tjungu Palya Survey Show' Short St Gallery, Broome, WA 2009 'Desert Mob' Araluen Gallery, Alice SPrings, NT 2009 'Wanampinku Munu Kalayaku Ngura' Chapman Gallery, Canberra ACT 2009 'Kulini Ngura- Knowing Country' Short St Gallery, Broome. WA 2009 '26th Telstra NATSIAA. Museum and Art Gallery of Norther Territory, Darwin, NT 2009 'Tjukurpa Wirunya Kanyini ' Aboriginal & Pacific Arts Gallery , Sydney, NSW 2009 'Tali Tjintiri - Tjintiri Munu Kapi Tjukula' Tjungu Palya Print show. Nomad Gallery, Reflection Room, Darwin. NT 2009 'Masterstroke Randell Lane Fine Art, Perth WA 2009 ' Anangu Backyard' Adelaide Festival Centre. SA 2009 'Etched in the Sun with Basil Hall Editions & Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, UK 2008 ' Tjukurpa Kunpu' Marshall Arts, Adelaide, SA 2008 'Tjungu Palyaku Warka Nyuwana' ReDot Gallery, Singapore 2008 'Manta Nyangatja Pitjantjatjara' Short St gallery, Broome WA 2008 'Iwara Mantangkara- Land Lines' Randell Lane Fine Art, Perth WA 2008 'Womens Show' Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne, VIC 2008 'Tjukurpa KUtjupa KUtjupa Tjuta' , Aboriginal & Pacific Arts Gallery, Sydney, NSW 2007 'Walytja Marshall Arts, Adelaide, SA 2007 'Culture Warriors' National Gallery of Australia, Canberra ACT 2007 'Uwankara Ngura Palya' Randell Lane Fine Art, Perth, WA 2007 'Celebration' Chapman Gallery, Canberra ACT 2007 'Skin to Skin' Tuggeranong Arts Centre, Canberra ACT 2007 'Desert Masterclass' South Australian Museum (Marshall Arts) Adelaide,SA 2006 'Anangu Backyard' Adelaide Festival Centre, SA 2006 'Desert Mob' Araluen Gallery, Alice Springs, NT 2006 'Nganampa Tjukurpa Nganampa Ngura' Marshall Arts, Adelaide SA 2006 'Our Mob' Adelaide Festival Centre , Adelaide ,SA 2006'Minyma Kutjara KUtjara' Vivian Anderson Gallery, Melbourne, VIC 2006 Tjukurpa Mantatja Randell Lane Fine Art, Perth, WA 2005 Art from the APY Lands Marshall Arts, Adelaide SA 2005 'New work from the APY Lands South Australian Museum, Adelaide, SA

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