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Betty Mbitjana

Betty Mbitjana

Betty Mbitjana



The daughter of Minnie Pwerle and sister of Barbara Weir, Betty Mbitjana was born and raised in Utopia, a region renowned for its art, most especially women's painting. Betty's main subjects are that of the Bush Melon (Awelye), as well as Body paint designs for women's ceremonies.


Betty Mbitjana paints for a wide range of dealers, galleries and centres, resulting in valuations that are largely dependent on their source, as well as size and excecution. She is a prolific painter whose works are largely available in the primary and secondary markets. By the end of 2017 her highest price paid had not exceeded $2,000 (excl. buyers premium), so the work remains extremely affordable. 

See market performance for more information.

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