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Exhibition Opening - Black and White | Konstantina

Opened on the 11 May, 2023 by Gadigal Elder Uncle Ray Davison & Professor Jakelin Troy along with a special musical performance by Indigenous singer Robbie Miller.

“In this year of reflection and reform, it’s hard to sit in the grey area. There is just black AND white. In this collection of works I tell truth, reclaim story and share culture that has long been taken away from my Gadigal people. We’ve been colonised not once, but twice”

“Using only black AND white acrylic paint, with the timeless practice of ochre milling and incorporating my own natural pigment paints, I explore this very”

As a descendant of the Gadigal people, Konstantina is passionate about her language, culture and history, much of which has been lost, misplaced, or manipulated since the dawn of Colonisation.Through her extensive research, Kate relays the truthful histories of her people and is actively involved in revitalising the Gadigal language through her relationship with Professor Jaky Troy at Sydney University to breathe life into the sleeping native tongue of the Eora Nation.

Kate is a board member of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia (AAAA), which represents the interests and amplifies the voices of all Aboriginal artists and galleries.