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Wumera Nangamay: A Salt Lake Series

Location | 17 Thurlow Street, Redfern, NSW, 2016

Exhibition Continues until July 13th 2024

“My arts practice is my act of storytelling and reclamation, it is highly detailed in both style and

cultural substance. I like to think my works represent a document in time to help connect both

Aboriginal & non Aboriginal peoples to our rich Culture; our past, our present and our future.” 


Cooee Art Leven is excited to announce the opening of Konstantina’s latest exhibition ’WUMERA

NANGAMAY - A SALT LAKE SERIES’ - an evocative collection of new works depicting one of the Gadigal

songlines that connects the Gadi (Sydney, NSW) to Kati Thanda (Lake Eyre, SA).


Konstantina (Kate Constantine) is a neo-contemporary Indigenous artist, re-imagining the traditions of her peoples’ artistic traditions and providing a modern narrative for all people to better understand a First Nations perspective as part of the fabric of Australia.


Konstantina’s practice is heavily interconnected with her Mob and their oral histories and coupled with her esteemed academic research, her artworks are a physical manifestation of these stories and histories - a document in time to reconnect her people to their Country as described in her recently published book ‘Gadigal Ngura - Exploring a Gadigal Artist’s Love Affair With Her Country’ published in May 2024.


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