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Joanne Currie Nalingu & Joshua Bonson


It Flows

14 December 2023 - 13 January 2024

17 Thurlow Street, Redfern, NSW, 2016



100 x 150 cm

Synthetic Polymer Paint on Canvas


The importance of the river as a metaphor for life and change is constant in the artist's paintings. Water, is also a place of reflection. The river takes Joanne back to the hardships of her early life living on the banks of the Maranoa River in Mitchell, through her journey to the present with her family based in Caloundra.

Her paintings speak of the river as a living entity, the rippling lines of the surface mimic the flow of water, or eddies of air and light. As subtle reflections of different events in her own life, these lines merge to provide a place of contemplation for the viewer on our own course of life.



Born: 1964 Mitchell QLD

Language: Gungurri

Country: Maranoa River

Region: Mitchell QLD


"I grew up on the ‘Yumba’, out west by the banks of the Maranoa River in the 1960s. Now I live closer to Brisbane where we raised our kids and now our grandkids. I’ve always painted about the Maranoa area, the traditional designs found on shields and artefacts, the lines and colours of the river…I try to keep it simple…clean and sharp!"

In 2008, she won The Wynne Prize at AGNSW and has been a finalist numerous times in the Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Award. Joanne’s work is held in numerous private and public collections including Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art and the Museum of Brisbane.



Ancestor's Footsteps

14 December 2023 - 13 January 2024 17 Thurlow Street, Redfern, NSW, 2016



126 x 96 cm

Synthetic Polymer Paint on Canvas


Movement, colour and texture play an important role in this work. Ultramarine blue, Prussian blue and Titanium white portray the maze of reefs and islands, strong tidal currents with narrow channels between Islands and reefs of the Torres Strait. Luminous colours that change and shift with the tide. Movement and colour under the water. Unexpected patterns and shapes as the sea moves with the currents and tide. I am a man of the Saltwater; a Crocodile; Proud of my Heritage.

Joshua Bonson


Born: 1988

Country: Jawoyn & Kala Lagaw Ya

Region: Torres Strait Islands & Far North Queensland

"The minute I was flying over the ocean heading to the islands I could feel my ancestors with me. We were all filled with excitement and joy."

Joshua Bonson is a three-time finalist in the Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (2007, 2008, 2013). He won the Top End NAIDOC Artist of the Year in 2013, and followed it up by winning the Young Achievers Award NT main prize, as well as Artist of the year in 2014. His work is held in National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, the Kerry Stokes Collection, Perth, and the TOGA Contemporary Art Collection in Australian and Berlin, to name a few. Standing in my Ancestor’s Footsteps is his third Solo Exhibition with Cooee Art Leven


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