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Cooee Art Leven is thrilled to introduce a new section on our website dedicated to showcasing innovative Art Projects that blend the talents of First Nation Artists and Non-First Nation Artists. This section, characterized by its vibrant orange and pink colour palette, marks a departure from our traditional gallery aesthetic, embodying the spirit of unity and creative exploration.


Our inaugural project, "Country x Country," set the stage for this exciting venture, and we look forward to our next endeavour in the Tiwi Islands. These projects are annual milestones in our commitment to fostering collaboration and showcasing the diverse talents that thrive within and beyond indigenous communities.

Artists Involved: An in-depth look at each artist participating in these projects, complete with Artist Photos, Artist Bios, and Artist CVs. This section is designed to celebrate the individual journeys, stories, and achievements of each artist involved. Featured artists include Kitty Simon Napanagka, Neil Tomkins, and Mignon Steele, among others. We invite our visitors to explore the rich tapestries of their careers and contributions to the art world.

This initiative is not just about blending artistic styles but also about bridging communities, creating a platform where the voices of First Nation and Non-First Nation artists can harmonize, challenge, and enrich the Australian art scene. Join us in this journey of artistic discovery and cultural celebration, exclusively at Cooee Art Leven.

Cooee Art Leven is the ideal venue for hosting corporate and private functions. Our expansive 480m2 gallery is in the heart of Aboriginal Sydney, Redfern. 


0481_Cooee-0017 (1).jpg

Cooee Art Leven offers regular talks with artists, guest curators and conducts regular lectures in the gallery or in venues throughout the world. 


The Cooee Art Leven team manage the buying and selling of art with expertise and professionalism to ensure every auction and private sale of art is a rewarding and authentic experience.


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